Keep your family, loved ones and yourself safe.

Keep your family, loved ones and yourself safe.
 There are many stories of crime including school shootings, child abduction, child abuse, child abduction, school bullying, sex trafficking, homicide, rape, sexual assault, robbery, War and terrorism found in every newspaper. television or  radio. 
 Human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is called sex trafficking. Because victims are forced to engage in sexual activity without their consent, which is a form of sexual slavery, it is referred to as a form of modern slavery. Traffickers, often referred to as pimps, are those who manipulate victims into making all kinds of deals with paying customers.Traffickers use force, deception and coercion to procure, transport and care for victims of prostitution. 
 A school shooting is an armed attack on an educational facility, such as an elementary, middle, high school, or college. Because of the high death toll, many school shootings are also considered mass shootings. Remember the Parkland School shooting on February 14, 2018, when Nikolas Cruz killed 14 students and three staff members. 
 Like bullying outside of school, bullying in school is periodic aggressive behavior by one or more bullies toward a victim  who is physically weaker  or more socially powerful  than the bully.Bullying can be  physical or verbal. Bullying differs from other forms of peer conflict in that it is persistent. Bullying at school can take many  forms, including ongoing verbal, emotional, or physical aggression. Other forms of abuse include sexual harassment and cyberbullying. Bullying also occurs in colleges and universities.
 The unauthorized removal of a minor (minor child) from the care of his birth parents or other legally recognized guardian is known as child abduction or child theft. 
 home burglary, sometimes called "hot burglary"; This is a subtype of burglary (or a statutory felony in some jurisdictions) in which the perpetrator violently enters a dwelling while the occupants are present. A  burglary can have multiple purposes including theft, robbery, assault, sexual assault, murder, kidnapping or any other criminal offense and it can be done secretly or openly. The list is endless. Don't you think you have to start with 
 to fight crime?
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